Mr. R. S. Sharma [Senior Associate]

Mr. Sharma has been associated with the ‘Chandak Chambers ’ since 1979. His astute knowledge of every aspect of provident fund ensures that the ‘final payment’ of provident fund & fixation of pension takes place in minimum time period, which facilitates enhancement of reputation for the clients by creating goodwill amongst the employees.

Mr. Kailash Kosta [Manager]

Mr. Koshta is another pillar of strength of ‘Chandak Chambers’ with which he has been associated since 1982. He has immense working knowledge of the Provident Fund & Employee State Insurance departments, which ensures that all processes in the said departments is completed without delay. ‘Prakash Bandhu’ ensures his presence in all strategic decisions taken by the clients with respect to stated departments.

Mr. Sandeep Magharia [Associate]

Mr. Magharia has been associated with consultancy circle for past five years, and his immaculate knowledge about the working of the firms & departments is always handy to the clients and the firm alike. ‘Chandak Chambers’ through him ensures that the files are properly maintained by the clients which in turn entail minimal interference from the departments.

Mrs. Laxmi Rajak[Associate]

Mrs. Rajak heads the content wing of the firm, and ensures that the data-entry takes place in effective manner to ensure that the monthly & annual returns are submitted within the prescribed time. Her astute resolution towards the clients & firm alike ensure that the most effective working is done in most timely manner.

Mrs. Shobha Dixit [Claims]

Mrs. Dixit has the pivotal role to ensure that the employees' money which had been deposited in the employees' provident fund, it is smoothly withdrawn by them in case of necessity. Her desire to help the needy does not come in her hard day's work to scan through the years of entries made with respect to concerned employee, and to ensure speedy submission of the claim forms.

Mrs. Sandhya Sahu [Data-feeding]

Mrs. Sahu has the primary role of entering the salary-data as received from the employers for its processing, to ensure that the compliances under the EPF Act, 1952 & ESI Act, 1948 are regularly made. Her dedication towards the work facilitates time remittances of contributions as well as submissions of returns.

Mrs. Manjusha Mayal [Correspondance]

While it is important for the clients to constantly update the professional about the developments with respect to his case, it is equally important for the professional to constantly inform the client about the developments which have taken place with respect to its files. Such constant correspondence facilitates reduction of future complexities, and the said role is effectively discharged by Mrs. Mayal. She has the mastery in management of e-files, documentation, and the like.